We are operating and running our business as real estate agents, building contractors, developers and building partitioning experts for more than the past 20 years. Our focus is on the South German real estate market, especially in the area of Augsburg and Munich. Over 1,000 customers have chosen us as a partner for their real estate investment and used our all-inclusive services.

Hand-in-Hand and in close cooperation with all our Immobilien11Group members we do offer comprehensive services for property investments.

The IMMOBILIEN11Group is a growing coalition and synergy of  companies, such as developers,    construction-companies, initiators, rental-companies, maintenance-services, lease-services and brokerage in order to maximize the possible benefit.

The IMMOBILIEN11Group is one of the leading market participants at the Augsburg and south-bavarian real estate market and the fusion of different companies in the real estate sector to provide the perfect full-all-inclusive service from one source to our customers. Over the years, a wide network of independent companies has been established with highly specialized experts and businesses.


Licensor – Umbrella Organization

Property company

The focus of the IMMOBILIEN11Group are our property companies. When we purchase a new property, a new individual property company will be founded. The purpose of founding this new company is to market and sales the property. After the successful sales of the property this   company will be either terminated or the name will be changed to transact the next project.

Incorporation Company

The incorporation company includes an extraordinary opportunity for the seller of a property not only to realize the sale price but in cooperation with the IMMOBILIEN11Group to   develop by using all resources the property to perform the complete value and to achieve a much higher price.

Investors and Joint-Venture LPs (Limited Partnerships)

Immobilien11Group has been constantly redefined through partnerships and joint ventures, since going into business. To apply a variety of ideas, diversity and self-control on a regular basis, we have always been open to cooperation with other market participants, non-industry career changers and specialists in the industry. By this, constantly new constellations share distributions has been established. In order to take account of this willingness to cooperate, we have established the investors and the joint-venture LPs. Both are characterized by the fact that cooperation within the framework are established specifically for this partnership and the joint-venture LPS is mapped to a platform on which individual action and quick decisions can be implemented. As a basic for the establishment of a Joint-Venture LP we offer as part of the management by the General Partner GmbH, the company law based as a standard package. The focus on the primary objective can be performed directly after the founding of the company without the decision-makers being distracted by the necessary formalism. On a monthly basis, and 24/7 insight online access into the bank-account and the fastest possible response to all requests by its contact point builds a foundation of trust. More than a dozen investors and partners enjoyed a successful relationship with the IMMOBILIEN11 Group in the past years.

Service companies

Immobilien11Group offers a close meshed and fully linked service network to cover          everything concerning properties and the investment into real estates.

Our service companies provide comprehensive and modular services to our real estate investors. Our service companies mainly focus on after-sales support. Immediately after your purchase, you as the investor decide which services you like to be implemented to your investment. This choice determines the number of experts which are needed and how often the investors does receive reports. Our constant pursuit to offer individual and modular services is an value added benefit for our investors.



Over 20 years ago we laid the foundations for the development of the Immobilien11 Group. The Immobilien11 Group was from the beginning on a team effort. Our founders members are  Mr. Florian Andreschewski, Mr. Markus Rohrmoser, Mr. Ingo-Sylvio Wattosch and Mr. Andreas Beikircher. In Augsburg, the infrastructure for an office operation building has been realized in the early days and Immobilien11 Group is operating as a real estate agent since 1994. The group of companies headquartered in Gruenwald (Munich) and has a broad portfolio of objects (new construction, inventory and heritage) at attractive real estate locations in the south of Germany. The additonal activities as a construction and renovation company as well as a maintenance-service-company provides our customers a benefit from a complete service package or to requested single services. Immobilien11 group does have currently more than 30 employees as well numerous free-lancing partners  at two locations in Bavaria.

The Team

Florian Andreschewski

Managing director (CEO)

Florian Andreschewski is the managing director of Immobilien 11 Group.

Since his youth, Mr. Florian has been interested into property business and has been working successfully in real estate business for more than 20 years. He discovered his skills in commercial trading of properties and apartments while realizing a family project and founded his first company, the Andeschewski Immobilien, in 1998. He worked as manager of several real estate  enterprises before he founded the Immobilien11 Group in 2008. The merger of the individual companies into today’s Immobilien11 Group was realized by his leadership.

In addition to his role as owner and managing director, he is active as IHK (government/ Industrial-Trading-Association) certified auditor for Real Estate merchants in Augsburg. Training for apprentices are held at our company locations in Gruenwald and Augsburg on a regularly base.

He lives with his wife and their two children near Augsburg and spends his free time with his family, reading books or on the golf course.

Susanne Andreschewski

 member of Board of directors
Sach-direkt AG

To participate in the foundation and growth of the IMMOBILIEN11 Group Mrs. Susanne Andreschewski.  who is a qualified banker, took up the road from Regensburg to Augsburg. She is responsible for Finance and human-resources.

She is married to Mr. Florian Andreschewski  since December 2012 and having two children together. Accordingly, the private life is geared to her children and her hobbies such as golf, fitness and visiting musical shows are currently left behind.

Ingo-Sylvio Wattosch

Managing Director Maklervereinigung

Mr. Ingo-Sylvio Wattosch is a veteran of the IMMOBILIEN11 group. After he graduated primary  school in Schongau/Bavaria he studied business administration in Augsburg and was mainly responsible for ensuring that Mr.Florian Andreschewski and Mr. Markus Rohrmoser have embarked their decision  to be based in Augsburg. Due to the rapid growth in business, he gave up his studies prematurely and has been dedicated to the development of the          IMMOBILIEN11 Group. With its brokerage company he is responsible for the foundation of the group - the rental yield income.

He settled in Augsburg, although for reasons of parentage his heart beats for Italy and so he uses his spare time for regular visits to his family in Meran – Italy.

Markus Rohrmoser

Managing Director (CEO) 
mwm int. vertriebs gmbh

Markus Rohrmoser has significantly developed as a founding member of the IMMOBILIEN11 Group the individual departments. His focus is the Customer-Relation-Management with business partners nationally and internationally.

He left his home-town Weilheim/Bavaria by heavy heart and settled in Augsburg. However, the passionate motorcyclists uses every spare minute to take a ride on his bike around the streets of the Bavarian state. His private passion and enthusiasm for Asia  for years now even realizes business relations for the IMMOBILIEN11 Group.

Bernd Haslinger

Head of Purchasing Department

Mr. Bernd Haslinger has worked at the Augsburg real estate market for over 20 years. For the IMMOBILIEN11 group he gets appointed a the  head of the purchasing department. His excellent network of contacts is an asset to the group.

Mr. Bernd Haslinger lives with his girlfriend in Augsburg and recently became a grandfather, too. He devotes his free time especially to his granddaughter, his Harley-Davidson motorbike or he works out at the gym.

Norbert Niederreither

Chief Creative Officer

Among the board of directors of the IMMOBILIEN11 Group, Mr. Norbert Niederreither is mainly responsible for marketing and corporate design. Before he joined the team Mr. Norbert Niederreither managed to collect years of experience in the Marketing and advertising industry after he graduated his apprenticeship. He worked in the management of an Marketing and Advertising company for several years in Augsburg.

Mr. Norbert Niederreither is a passionate musician and an enthusiastic sportsman.

Jan Ostermeir

Board of Directors maxima ag
Head of Inventory Management

Within a short period of time, the business specialist in land and residential economics left his position as head of property and rental management and transferred to the management board of the IMMOBILIEN11 Group. On a daily basis, he developed permanently suggestions to improve work-flows until it was ready to be implemented and he is also responsible for the new companies.

His home town Gersthofen, which is nearby to the office, offers him the private sphere he needs. He spends his free time doing sports and enjoying family gatherings.

Andreas Beikircher

Managing Director
ab insurance consulting gmbh

The Tyrolean businessman Mr. Andreas Beikircher is also involved from the beginning of the success story of the Immobilien11 Group. In particular, the structure of the Austrian business and customer relations and support are his main responsibility.

Andreas Beikircher spend most of his free time with his family on Lake Garda in Italy  and he is a father to two daughters.


Apart from having real estate as retirement pension and a capital investment with tax advantages and protection against inflation, I was especially convinced by Immobilien 11 Group all-inclusive-carefree package. Special thanks to Mr. Andreschewski and Mr. Rohrmoser for their extraordinary commitment. Kathrin G.

We were very impressed by Immobilien 11 Group´s competent consulting and were quickly persuaded by their conclusive concept. We look forward to future projects and feel that we are in good hands.Peter-Alfred und Silke-Johanna H.

Financial investment for retirement pension when interest rates are low is a sensitive issue. Competent and professional consulting persuaded me that financial investment in real estate is a profitable form of investment marked with stable values. The purchase procedure of my apartments in Augsburg from Austria went smoothly. Dietlinde W. from Vienna

Really interesting property, an excellent conversation on acquisition, consultation without pressure and property management with expertise and service character … all from one source! These are the advantages that convinced me. Gerd S.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to build up capital together and we are proud that we live in Switzerland and yet were able to acquire this real estate at a very attractive location in Munich.Rahel J. + Judith J.

Real estates in and around metropolises have always been an investment that is reliable, profitable and marked with stable value. Unfortunately, property, as a classic form of investment, is mostly always reserved for wealthier investors with certain know-how. Private investors balk at the administrative burden that comes along with ownership of real estate. That there are also opportunities to buy real estate even in economically strong area of Munich, without having to deal with the entire administrative burden by your own, is something that most people aren’t aware of. I am lucky to  get to know about this opportunity.Germar K. from Munich

Real estate is an important part for our retirement pension. A significant point for our decision to become a customer was the all-inclusive-carefree package. Jörg u. Margret B.

As we just got married recently, we decided to have real estate as one of the important parts of our retirement pension. Special thanks to our consultant M. Schumann as well as the whole Sach-Direkt AG’s team that the whole process been done without a hitch.Kathrin Ch.-F. und Michael F.

For me, real estate has significant importance for my retirement pension with good prospects in capital gain.Bojan S.

I have a good feeling for choosing this intuitive concept for sustainable retirement pension.Thomas. A. E. from Vienna